Pricing of annual 1:1 coaching with off-the-shelf Sales Coaching Guides™

One Sales Coaching Guide™ enables managers to run 60-90 min. team skill-coaching sessions and reinforce key behaviors by coaching them in 1:1s, group masterminds for accountability, and AI self-coaching — while refreshing knowledge via custom podcast. 

That equals a half-day (3h) of training. 

PLUS a small fee per user per month, billed annually.

  • Sales upskilling software
  • Proprietary methodology licenses
  • Accredited certifications
  • Ongoing support
  • Change strategy consulting
  • Deep Analysis (Interviewing managers + 10%-25% of top & middle performers)

A single Sales Coaching Guide consists of:

  • 12-20 minutes of tailored audio podcast
  • 4-6 minutes of micro-learning video
  • Science-backed coaching prompts
  • Real-time AI Mentor
  • Interactive exercise to practice skills
  • AI-generated Individual Developmental Plans
  • Leader-led 1:1 coaching guide
  • Group Mastermind Guide (45 min.) for reinforcement
  • Self-coaching Guide to refresh
  • Test Quiz
  • Recommended further reading
  • Annual content & intellectual property licenses
  • Analytics and reporting

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