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Our technology platform:

  • On-the-job commitment tracking
  • Build-in accountability nudges
  • Analytics & reports (productivity, satisfaction, engagement, etc.)
  • Responsive on any screen with pushing data to LMS
  • Enterprise security, branding & integrations

Our expert support, at the-moment-of-need:

  • Coach support via chat & dedicated success manager
  • Personalized advice on the right Learning Tracks & Guides
  • Turnkey deployment (onboarding, communications, calendaring)
  • Quarterly strategy sessions
  • ROI study & C-Level demo

Add-ons: Managed services & customization

  • World-class Trainer Facilitation
  • Custom Content development & analytics (Resilience, Inclusion, etc.)

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Learning use cases

Offer personalized career development & coaching to every employee

With Peer Coaching Guides, your internal trainers (anyone) can facilitate or organize Peer Coaching Workshops for all learners and teams globally.



  • Let all employees choose from many live Peer Workshops (that you organize) to learn with/from colleagues & network across the company.
  • Match learners to groups of 2-5 for several structured sessions to strengthen their relationships and solve specific challenges.

Enable managers/individuals to develop their team – NO expertise or preparation

Most managers don’t have the time and skills to coach their teams, which can make employees 40% less engaged or even leave the team.


  • With our Guides & no training, everybody can run coaching sessions (online/offline) on the topic of their choice and own their development – building a true coaching culture
  • HR/business leaders assess the needs of individuals & teams to suggest a Peer Coaching Guide tackling their challenge – enabling agile, self-directed learning.


Amplify L&D efforts by coaching learners continuously for behavioral change

Connect learners to coach each other during/after soft skills programs continuously AND stay accountable throughout applying new behaviors on-the-job.

In the process of Peer Coaching™ itself, employees build & practice leadership skills like coaching, facilitation, inclusive listening, storytelling, vulnerability, creative-solving or critical thinking, etc.

A science-backed method, integrated into the flow of work

Level-up your employee experience


Build Org Resilience & Wellbeing

50% of people feel burned out, lonely & not having meaningful relationships at work - Peer coaching is the most impactful tool fighting these effects through conversations.


Foster Sense of Belonging & Attracts Talent

High belonging links to annual savings of $52M at a 10,000-person company & 167% increase in employer promoter score.


Boost Engagement & Coaching Culture

Peer coachees feel 64% more fulfilled & psychologically safe and 40% more engaged working for a manager that coach effectively.


Promote Diversity & Inclusion

Peer coaching & mentoring is the most effective diversity initiative as it creates strong networks & relationships - boosting 9-24% more minority employees to management levels.


Increase Retention & Performance

Peer Coachees are more likely to stay in their job for more than 5 years & 67% of them are top performers.

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