Peer Coaching for Leadership & Team Development, Scalable Online

#1 Library of Peer Coaching Guides for all employees to learn with & from each other in 45-90 min. sessions, led by learners – not trainers.

Self-Directed Social Learning as Digital Content

Peer Coaching - involve All

Involve all employees in coaching each other while cutting L&D costs.

Peer Coaching - Empower managers

Empower managers to develop team performance & solve challenges

Peer Coaching - trust networks

Build internal trust networks for a resilient culture of belonging.

90% of employees are willing to coach their colleagues (Imperative).

A Science-Backed Method, Integrated in the Workflow

  • Best Practices in Video Modules solving workplace challenges
  • Digital Content on Any 📱Screen & LMS – No Integration 
  • Unlimited Access for all staff at a low Flat Fee
  • Success Coach promoting & suggesting content to leaders 
  • Free modules each month in blended learning pathways
  • Collaborative Micro-Workshops instead of Ineffective Webinars

Why Peer Coaching


Increases Retention & Performance


Employees are more likely to stay in their job for more than 5 years & 67% of them are top performers


Fosters Sense of Belonging & Attracts Talent


High belonging links to annual savings of $52M at a 10,000-person company & 167% increase in employer promoter score


Boosts Engagement, Wellbeing & Coaching Culture


Peer coachees feel 64% more fulfilled & psychologically safe and 40% more engaged working for a manager that coach effectively.


Promotes Diversity & Inclusion


Peer coaching & mentoring is the most effective diversity initiative as it creates strong networks & relationships – boosting 9-24% more minority employees to management levels.


Build Org Resilience & Mental Health


50% of people feel burned out, lonely & not having meaningful relationships at work – Peer coaching is the most impactful tool fighting these effects through conversations.

How Peer Coaching Works

Stop Soft Skills Webinars, Run impactful Peer Workshops

where employees coach each other in the light of best practices to solve workplace challenges.


Meet Online/Offline with 2-100 Learners for a 45-90 min. Session

Introduce your Peer Session & Split into Small Groups of 2-5.


Workshops in Groups of 2-5, Self-Guided by Learners with our Digital Content

These networking groups watch a micro-video & have meaningful conversations sparked by our powerful questions. Learners then practice & commit to action.

Together, they share stories, ideate innovative solutions & break silos through building relationships. 


Debrief Together, Apply New Strategies & Evaluate ROI

Learners reflect on their breakthroughs in our Impact Journal used for feedback & the ROI study. 


Scale On-The-Job Implementation to Teams & the Company

Learners can easily transfer lessons learnt by running the same Workshops for their Teams following our step by step Peer Coaching Guides.

Disruptive Use Cases

Peer Coaching - team performance

Managers / Team Members Develop their Team Performance

A manager / team member regularly suggests a Peer Learning Module tackling a challenge & runs a micro-workshop for the whole team following our Coaching Guides

Peer Coaching - Talent development

Open Leadership & Talent Development to all Employees, Managers & Generations

Using our Peer Learning Pathways or Individual Modules, your internal trainers, coaches, change agents can run structured programs for any kind of a learner or team, globally.

  • Match learners to small groups for several workshops together
  • Let Employees Join your Open Networking Peer Workshops of their choice
Peer Coaching - Self Study

Self-Study at the Moment-of-Need: Micro-Learning Videos

Having a challenge at work, employees find (in your LMS) a Micro-learning module with 2-3 min. animated video introducing best practices & practical Action Steps on-the-job.

Our Unique Process of Peer Learning

Develops Coaching & Facilitation Skills

Practices Inclusive Listening & Storytelling 

Boosts Critical Thinking & Creative Solving

Ever-Growing List of Tested Modules & Pathways

Examples of Our Future of Work Curriculum Not Found in Any Business School 

Prioritize, Plan, Focus, Transform
  • Prioritization & Saying NO
  • Hacking Time & Energy
  • Hacking Procrastination & Building Habits
  • Deep Focus: Distractions & Digital Detox
Unstoppable as a Team, as a Leader
  • Psychological Safety: Unlock TeamWork & Innovation
  • Leading with Courage & Vulnerability
  • Self-Awareness: Strengths-Based Leadership & Teams
  • Growth Mindset & Fulfilling Potential
Leading Remote Teams
  • Build Remote Teams & Align Communication
  • Keys to Remote Teams & Meetings
  • Facilitation Hacks
Meeting Effectiveness
  • Adaptive Meetings for Speed
  • Strange 1-on-1 Meetings for Team Health
  • Retrospectives & Dudes Ruining Meetings
Resilience & Wellbeing
  • Building Emotional Resilience
  • Prevent Employee Burnout
  • Social Wellbeing, Loneliness & Meaningful Connections
  • Handling Stress & Mindfulness
Change Teams & Culture, Post-Covid
  • Inspire with Purpose
  • Upgrade Your Team Ways of Working
  • Lean Change Design & Changing Culture
  • Empowerment
Influence & Powerful Mindset
  • Persuasion
  • Negotiation
  • Critical Thinking
  • Think like Elon Musk: First Principles for Innovation
Feedback, Conflict & EQ
  • Do not Feedback, FeedForward
  • Handling Difficult People with EQ
  • Handling Conflict: Styles & Key Skills
  • Performance Management
Learning Agility & Change
  • Experimentation & Innovation Mindset
  • The Power of Reflection & Retrospective
  • Navigate Change: Cope with & Plan in Uncertainty
Belonging, Inclusion & Fulfilment
  • Foster Belonging & Inclusion
  • Include & See Diverse Perspectives
  • Meaning & Mission at Work
  • Career Design for Fulfilment
Innovation & Creative Problem-solving
  • Creative Problem Solving: Design Thinking
  • Creative Ideation
  • Innovation & Lean Start-up
Coach, Listen, Delegate
  • Coaching Skills
  • Active Listening
  • Storytelling
  • Delegation Hacks & Pitfalls

Micro-Videos with Tools Solving Your Challenges

Our dedicated research team studies those unstoppable organisations, teams & leaders of our time. 

We then apply the 2x Pareto principle to teach & practice only the top 4% of proven techniques which solve 64% of key workplace challenges. 

Designed by Thought-Leaders

Build Personal Resilience

Prevent Employee Burnout

Foster Belonging & Inclusion

We Create Custom Modules For You

Peer Coaching Strategic Skills

Upskill for any Strategic Skills, Globally & Affordably

With our proprietary method, you can run online Peer Workshops (for up to 100 learners) with stronger impact than any webinar can ever achieve.

Peer Coaching for purpose

Align Workforce with Purpose, Mission & Values

Let Employees Make Sense of your Mission or Values for their specific roles & teams in order to translate them to daily behaviors.

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