Our off-the-shelf catalog of Sales Coaching Guides™

Follow our step-by-step Sales Coaching Guides™ to lead team meetings and skill-coaching sessions.

You can also enable sellers to coach each other – on deals, calls, or 40+ skills from our library. NO preparation, so you free up time.

A typical program equals 3+ training days and consists of

Six 60-90 min. live workshops in groups of 3-5

Workshops led by managers, enablement, or by us

Online/offline over 6-9 months

Our Tech-Guides with an expert content guide every session

Each followed by 30-45 min. accountability sessions (1:1 and in teams)

Each followed by your 20 min. tailored podcast for reinforcement

AI-powered Self-Coaching, tracking results & certification

Each followed by 30-45 min. accountability sessions (1:1 and in teams)

Each followed by your 20 min. tailored podcast for reinforcement

AI-powered Self-Coaching, tracking results & certification

Research-backed content inspired

by world-class sellers, leaders, and “sellebrities”

Winning by design

Gong.io and Vidyard
GAP Selling

Daniel Pink
John Barrows

Nick Cegelski & Armand Farrokh
Becc Holland

Simon Sinek
Josh Braun

Brene Braun
Challenger Sales and JOLT

  • Winning by Design
  • GAP Selling
  • John Barrows
  • Becc Holland
  • Josh Braun
  • Challenger Sales and JOLT
  • Gong.io and Vidyard
  • Daniel Pink
  • Nick Cegelski & Armand Farrokh 
  • Simon Sinek
  • Brene Braun
  • etc.

Each bullet is a Sales Coaching Guide™

focused on a key skill

Chasing deals that won’t close? 

Not enough urgency in deals?

Inaccurate forecasts? 


THEN take: 

  • Uncover needs in Discovery Calls
  • Sell the Cost of Inaction
  • Data-Driven Sales Discovery
  • Asking Questions to Derisk Deals

Not qualifying well? 

Need to reinforce methodologies?

Lack data & science to sell?

THEN take: 

  • Challenger Sale
  • Sales Qualification: MEDDICC
  • Consultative Selling: SPIN
  • Neuroscience of Selling & Rapport
  • The Science of Influence
  • Changing People’s Mind

Uneven quota attainment?

No sales leadership training?

Need skills/time to coach sellers?


THEN take: 

  • Sales Coaching Tactics
  • LEADS Sales Coaching Framework
  • Coaching Sales Performance
  • How to Coach & Facilitate
  • Authentic Leadership & Vulnerability
  • Trusting 1:1 Meetings
  • Brain-Based Feedback

Poor win rates? 

Unsure why “buyers” didn’t buy?

Reps not listening deeply?


THEN take: 

  • Neuroscience of Selling & Rapport
  • Reflective Listening and Labeling
  • Tips and Barries to Listening
  • Tactical Empathy
  • Negotiation: interest, No & Tonality
  • Persuade with questions & understanding

Little to 0 email replies?

Ineffective prospecting?


THEN take: 

  • Write Perfect Sales Emails
  • Video Prospecting
  • Prioritize and Research in Prospecting

Sellers quit?

Building a top team?


THEN take: 

  • Leading Hybrid Teams
  • Trust and Psycho Safety in Top Teams
  • Sales Culture & Agile Team System
  • Managing with OKR’s
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Control Emotions in Difficult Conversations

No big fat pipeline?

Struggling to book meetings?

Fear of the phone?


THEN take: 

  • Book meetings via Cold-Call
  • Best Cold Call Openers
  • Defusing Objections like FBI
  • Handle Common Objections
  • Dealing with Rejection

Disengaged leads in meetings?  

Still running canned demos?

Getting ghosted?


THEN take: 

  • Value-based Demo Meetings
  • Sharing Compelling Sales Stories
  • Build killer value propositions
  • Before Overcoming Objections
  • The Psychology of Modern Selling
  • Sales Proposals & Pre-Negotiations

Need to do more with less? 

Not adapting fast enough?


THEN take: 

  • Procrastination, Habits & Sales Agility
  • Burnout and Resilience in Change
  • Prioritize & Research in Prospecting
  • Prioritization & Personal Effectiveness

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