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We blend the best of expert-led small group training, peer learning, and a powerful technology platform to develop better leaders, sellers, and teams for today’s workplace.

Hackerly achieved staggering  91% Recommendation Score on average.


With A Little Help, Our Clients Have Done Remarkable

An increase in sales conversion by 98% via a traditional channel in MVP stage

Increase in psychological safety, role-clarity, regular and honest feedback and inclusion 

Designed a new disruptive business model within the rigid industry

Boosted marketing awareness from 5% to 33% on average

Consulted through a successful innovation & global sales strategy.

Improved transparency, sharing and visibility via change design

Coached major leaders to adopt design thinking, agile and lean startup.

 Implemented more effective meeting structures

"Eliminated internal emails by 40%  and improved project task management including accountability“

Defined purpose, missions, strategies, better communication habits etc. at the team and department levels.

Coached 6 HR units on agile principles, new ways of working and self-organization methods.

Led 10 autonomous units through the entire customer experience design.

Global Skill Academies: Showcases

In order to provide you with a more vivid picture of our global learning & development services, we included some of our game-changing programs designed for the 21st century.

This is how we do things.

MSD Leadership Academy

MSD IT & Fin - People Academy

MSD IT includes 70+ nationalities and operates in New York, Prague, Singapore as well as Austin.

Hackerly designed and delivered a very innovative MSD People Academy for 250+ international managers and high potentials across departments and countries with high satisfaction rates.

PwC Agile Academy in CEE region

As a member of BIG 4, PricewaterhouseCoopers asked us to design and deliver a modern Agile Academy for Central and Eastern Europe.

A new Joint Business Relationship was formed with the purpose of serving PwC clients as well as PwC internally.

Fortuna Entertainment Group

Having over 5 000 employees, It now operates on the Czech, Slovak, Polish, Romanian and Croatian markets.

Hackerly consultants accepted the challenge of custom content creation, gamification as well as execution (even in local languages) of an International Leadership Program for 200+ top managers and talents located throughout Fortuna Group markets.

Our Immersive Classroom Workshops

Play, experience & reflect to learn practical skills you can apply right away.

Discover your talents, Build Strengths-Based Teams

  • Discover your unique talents & who you need to team with
  • Lead better with EQ, psychological safety, purpose & your hands-on Strengths plan
  • Build complementary Strengths teams using your Team Map

Highest-Performing Teams

  • Apply the blueprint of today’s top teams to make 30% productivity jump in business simulation
  • Spark continuous improvement, make faster decisions & increase trust
  • Embed more sharing, diversity, online leadership skills, experimentation, empowerment, meaning & innovation into teams

Remote Collaboration & Productivity

  • Digitalize the office, create aligned remote teams & work better together anywhere
  • Techniques & Tools for smooth productivity online
  • Less email, fewer meetings for sharing knowledge quickly and transparently
  • Embrace online Leadership skills

Hacking Time & Delegation

  • Made your delegation & decision making process explicit and faster
  • Plan and prioritize your work more efficiently
  • Develop practical techniques and strategies of time management

Innovation Hackathon (Design Sprint)

  • Learn new creativity & innovation tools by working on real strategy challenges of the organisation
  • Solve any of your business challenges in 1-5 days instead of years, from internal processes, culture to new streams of income, product lines or sales
  • Lean Startup & Design Thinking methods, provide a structure to rapidly ideate, pretotype / prototype and validate new solutions, trends or concepts.


  • Tailored Design Sprint – Consulting Product
  • Use your own work  and solve your unique challenges with our guidance

LinkedIn for Sales & Influence

  • Apply easy social selling strategies on LinkedIn to sell 20% more on average with 60 min. daily routine
  • Learn how to network, write posts, gather business intelligence or generate leads automatically with 80% response rates
  • Create highly persuasive profiles, optimize for SEO and map the needs of your ideal buyers to set the right strategy


  • Tailored Design Sprint – Consulting Product
  • Use your own work  and solve your unique challenges with our guidance

Hacking Sales Calls & Emails

  • Leverage phone, tonality and goal setting, like a Wolf of Wallstreet
  • Write killer scripts and qualify the right buyers
  • Increase your productivity with email automation, analytics and practical pitching frameworks

Org Design & Lean Change

  • Master Organisational Design Framework to transform anything in your organisation in a game
  • Learn the new best practices of driving human-centred change & process improvement
  • Re-align teams, culture, refocus products & re-imagine work for the 21st century

Hacking Meetings


  • Learn how to run all types of meetings for higher engagement, inclusion & retention
  • Tools, rules, rhythms, facilitation for more creative & energized meetings
  • Get rid of useless meetings and save up to 31 hours a week per employee.


  • Focus on online meeting and facilitation & leadership skills

Disruptive Innovation: Lean Startup & Design Thinking

  • Learn start-up ways of working & skills for creating innovation
  • Apply and master a range of innovation tools to create value and solve real problems
  • From customer to generating creative ideas, challenging your perspectives and prototyping new solutions, you will be ready to implement.


  • Tailored Design Sprint – Consulting Product
  • Use your own work  and solve your unique challenges with our guidance

Learning Agility & Teaming

  • Assess & develop the most vital competency of 21st-century by Korn & Ferry
  • Acknowledge you limiting believes & habits and try new approaches to push your productivity directly within the safe environment of a board game
  • Create an action plan on how to copy and paste all the breakthroughs into real business

Agile Project Management: Scrum & Kanban

  • Get an in-depth understanding of the most common agile frameworks including their pros & cons
  • Play your Scrum Game to experience & learn from every aspect of the Agile project process.
  • Explore the pitfalls and best strategies of agile implementation

Feedback, Conflict & Unpopular News

  • Transform conflict and tension into strengths that fuel your team
  • Deliver continuous real-time feedback and recognition
  • Communicate unpopular information effectively

Agile & Strengths-Based Selling

  • Get hands-on advice on how to use your personal / team strengths throughout the sales process.
  • Apply Agile principles to sales & increase closing rates, volume as well as team profitability by more than 10%.
  • Increase self-awareness of salespeople as they get the best results by building on who they truly are.

Agile Leadership & Self-Management

  • Agile Black Belt in modern tools for alignment, better decisions, retention etc.
  • Apply the principles of today’s top teams to make 15% – 30% productivity jump
  • Experience new approaches in a business simulation


  • Focus on online leadership skills

Team Culture Design

  • Prototype / Co-create your team/org operating system for an upgrade
  • Explore the way you work together, make choices, solve issues & Identify the next steps
  • Build a collective team map/handbook: design an ideal-state for your team and gradually work towards its goals


  • Tailored Design Sprint – Consulting Product
  • Use your own work  and solve your unique challenges with our guidance

Leadership Styles & Coaching

  • Master a simple managerial framework using different kinds of leadership styles
  • Act based on particular situations with mentoring, coaching, directing, delegating
  • Learn coaching others with GROW model to perform

Collaborative & Creative Mindset

  • True understanding of collaborative innovation, sharing & creativity through a fun simulation
  • Acknowledge your limiting beliefs, social dynamics, speed & self-reflection in a game
  • Upgrade your attitudes & boost your leadership capabilities with our unique coaching simulation working as a mirror to provide you with feedback

B2B Social Selling: Sell on Social, Brand Yourself

  • Apply and Master the best techniques of modern B2B sales and business development:
  • Build your brand & influence to sell more with 500% ROI.
  • Tricks and cutting-edge strategies for B2B sales via LinkedIn, FB, Insta, Youtube and more

Entrepreneurial Thinking

  • True understanding of strategic entrepreneurial thinking, resourcefulness or sharing  through a fun simulation
  • Upgrade your attitudes towards sales, leadership & solving complex issues
  • Learn to build trust, partnerships, self-reflection or generating value via speed & spotting opportunities

Our Unique Game-Based Business Simulator

Enjoy our fun yet profound coaching tool for teams and leadership to boost their mindset of collaboration & innovation.  

60 000 Participants / 30 Countries / 10 years of development

  • Learning Agility
  • Collaborative Innovation
  • Agile Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Team Dynamics
  • Transparent Sharing
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset

The experience enables to begin to see the world through a different perspective. It switches the player from their natural position of “competitive” to state of “collaborative”. As you play, you can physically feel your restrictive biases melt away.

∼ Porter Stowell, Head of Digital Business at IBM BlockChain

AI Sales Mentor


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