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Using our coaching board game, we boost your capabilities of collaboration, leadership, creativity & solving problems. 

60 000 Participants / 30 Countries / 10 years of development

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Using our gamified coaching tool, an entrepreneurial board game, we boost capabilities of sharing, collaborative innovation, dealing with ambiguity, resourcefulness, as well as solving complex problems creatively.

Boost collaboration and sharing in your team, among teams or departments.

Build trust, openness, meaningful relationships and self-awareness among your employees.

Generate creative and innovative solutions.

Set up an innovative agile mindset and get ready for change.

Upgrade your attitudes towards leadership, sales as well as innovation.

“Especially recommended for cross-functional teams in one organization to help them with their communication and mutual business activities. In addition, the FreshBiz game resembles a real business environment and it gives an opportunity to learn useful information about oneself.“

∼  Antonín Raizl, Associate Partner at EY, RPA HUB Leader

„FreshBiz workshop was mindset changing experience for me realizing how this could be applied directly in the real business environment. It provides fresh reflection on how to succeed in business of the future. I would recommend this workshop to anybody who believes in the growth mindset.“

∼  Karel Fuksa, Managing Director, Y Soft Corporation

Our business simulation works as a mirror where you can come up with new ideas, acknowledge your mindset and limiting beliefs, get feedback and try new approaches to push your productivity.

Business Game in Practice

You will get different perspectives, shape your attitudes, find new solutions create an action plan on how to copy/paste the principles into the next steps and KPI’s.

All within the safe environment of the business game.

Main Pillars of Business Game

Business Game - Teamwork & Collaboration

Teamwork & Collaboration

How to leverage available resources and create effective partnerships and team dynamics

Why listen to the objectives of others and help them win their game

Why and how to share resources, opportunities and build relationships

Business Game - Creativity & Innovation

Creativity & Innovation

How to spot opportunities, create them and solve complex business issues

How to move fast and set up an innovative culture

How to zoom out, see the big picture and deal with uncertainty

Business Game - Leadership & Talent Development

Leadership & Talent Development

How to influence, inspire and negotiate with people

How to find unique talents, build the best teams and discover true leaders

How to combine all the business dimensions and in life to generate value for you as well as others

Outcomes & Lessons Learned

Give your teams a new language, filter, and way to think together about creative business solutions

Personal mind maps on how to copy and paste all the principles into a business and personal commitment to take action

The power of reflection and learning from failure

The dynamics of team trust, psychological safety, self-awareness

Limiting beliefs and assumptions hurt your performance

Retention, no politics and fear means speed in business

Correlation of profit, purpose and creativity

The importance of vision, strategy and goal-setting

Win-Loss Analysis

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