Peer CoachingCircles at ABB

Peer Coaching Circles empower you to lead coaching sessions in groups of 3-5 colleagues (off/online) where you all share best practices, build strong connections & upskill yourself as well as your team – NO preparation or consultants.

  • Apply new “influencing” strategies on-the-job by coaching your teams
  • Level-up the effectiveness of your teams & better communicate ABB’s value
  • Break silos & increase the sense of belonging in teams to better collaborate

How Peer Coaching™ Circles works


– with Research-Backed “Best Practices

Close Your Skill Gaps with 2 Live, Online 2h Workshops Self-Led by Teams (mandatory)

  • The Art of Persuasion
  • Listen & Negotiate like FBI

Then Teams Choose Individually What They Need From Another 2-4 Topics – monthly sessions

  • Emotional Intelligence & Empathy
  • The Power of Storytelling & Humour
  • Hack Coaching & Facilitation
  • Master Active Listening & Conflict

Put Training Directly in the ABB Context & Build Unstoppable Teams

  • Get mentorship, benchmark & insight into other ABB account manager’s best practices
  • Share experiences & build relationships with colleagues
  • Measurably boost performance, engagement & retention of your teams
  • Teams with dynamic coaching programs achieve 28% higher win rates


Next steps

Click the button PURCHASE THE ANNUAL ACCESS and select the number of seats: each team member needs their own seat.

Choose the payment method and fill in the payment information form.

Once the payment proceeds, you get the email with login information to the private ABB Peer Coaching platform.

Feel free to share the login information with your team members participating in Peer Coaching Circles.

Annual access to the Private ABB Peer Coaching Platform

$ 384 / seat

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