Make Coaching Accessible to Everyone and Boost Belonging

Empower managers/employees to lead coaching sessions (offline/online) where they coach each other, build strong connections & upskill themselves as well as their teams  –  NO expertise or preparation.

How our guided Peer Coaching™ Platform works

Pick from our Catalog of Peer Coaching™ Guides – what you need, where & when needed.

Run coaching sessions to learn with/from colleagues & create a network of relationships.

Apply best practices on-the-job, refresh anytime & measure – holding everyone accountable.

Coach your team & boost a resilient culture of belonging by 73% and performance by 56%.

Address your challenges with our unique combination

of coaching, peer mentoring, small group training & tech



Today’s hybrid workforce lacks a sense of belonging, community and human connection, making employee retention and eNPS drop by 50%+.

What’s better:

Involve employees in coaching each other and building a network of allies across the company – proven to uplift their sense of belonging by 73% & job performance by 56%.



DEI training doesn’t create the behavioral change needed and mentoring builds just 1-2 sponsors helping to promote underrepresented groups to leadership positions – both sabotaging DEI efforts to level up engagement and retention. 

What’s better:

Connect employees to build a network of 20-50 strong allies/connections (= more promotions of diverse talent), and scale inclusive behaviors across your culture.



Today’s employees feel stressed out, isolated, and lack meaningful relationships at work.

What’s better:

Peer coaching conversations help employees feel understood and build strong bonds with peers supporting them as compassionate advisors – enhancing their mental well-being and resilience.



Managers /Salespeople lack diverse benchmarks of other manager’s best leadership practices.

What’s better:

Connect managers with a network of other leaders to coach one another and get timely advice on managerial challenges.

Real impact, real results

of learners show lasting behavior change from our programs

compared to Wharton (+51), Harvard Business School (+41) and the training industry average (-8)

Source: Customer Guru

  • 97% of people report having built meaningful relationships with their peers.
  • Attendees report 90% reduction in stress & anxiety

Typical in-house programs consist of

six 90-120 min. sessions over six months

small groups of 3-5 participants, online or offline

themed Coaching Guides to explore expert content coupled with peer sharing and insights

Deliver Programs Yourself or We Manage Them For You.

Choose from our Learning Tracks

or build your own from our catalog

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Foster Belonging & Team Dynamics 
  • EQ & Empathy
  • Lead with Inclusion & Psychological Safety 
  • Authentic Leader: Courage & Vulnerability 
  • Unconscious Bias 
  • Active Listening & Conflict

Transformation & Leadership

  • Building Emotional Resilience during Change
  • Innovation Mindset & Productive Failure
  • Lean Change & Culture Design
  • Top Teams, Inclusion & Psychological Safety
  • Wellbeing: Burnout & Human Connection
  • Authentic Leader: Courage & Vulnerability

Wellbeing & Resilience

  • Building Emotional Resilience during Change
  • EQ & Empathy
  • Wellbeing: Burnout & Human Connection
  • Adaptive Mindset & Learning Agility
  • Prioritization & Saying NO 
  • Procrastination, Productivity & Habits

Influence (soon)

  • The Art of Persuasion 
  • Listen & Negotiate like FBI
  • Charisma & Likeability & Communication
  • Storytelling & Humor
  • The Power of Coaching & Facilitation
  • Active Listening & Conflict

Management Of Hybrid Teams

  • Building Remote Teams & Alignment 
  • Keys to Hybrid Meetings & teams
  • Foster Belonging & Team Dynamics
  • Maximize 1:1 Meetings
  • The Power of Coaching & Facilitation
  • Empower & Delegate

Innovation & Problem Solving (soon)

  • Critical Thinking: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Thinkers
  • Think like Elon Musk: First Principles to Solve & innovate
  • Agile Mindset & Experimentation 
  • Creative Thinking & Collaboration
  • Complex Problem Solving: Design Thinking 
  • Lean Change & Culture Design

We create custom peer coaching guides for you

Peer Coaching Strategic Skills

Upskill for any strategic skills, globally & affordably

With our proprietary method, you can run online Peer Workshops (for up to 100 learners) with stronger impact than any webinar can ever achieve.

Peer Coaching for purpose

Align workforce with purpose, mission & values

Let Employees Make Sense of your Mission or Values for their specific roles & teams in order to translate them to daily behaviors.

Peer Coaching for purpose

Support & scale transformation with data-driven guides

Easily roll-out facilitated workshops (on any topic) without ex/internal facilitators & in-house preparation with data making your change management smooth, at a fraction of the cost while proving the ROI.


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