Upskill your team into sales superstars.
Without sales trainers. 100% custom.

Coaching sales leaders to upskill their team with our Sales Coaching Guides™ – to lead coaching sessions and reinforce key skills. 

We can analyze your processes to create 100% custom sales training.

Clients & Partners:

Add 7-25% revenue and retain 1-2 extra reps a team due to coachlike leaders.

Stop leaking revenue ASAP by closing skill gaps internally 2x faster.

Save 25%-45% of internal enablement costs and augment your team.

Your sales training investment is wasted! 

What's the problem?

Poor manager coaching and reinforcement, reps quit


Most salespeople wouldn't pay $1/hour for coaching from their manager, and 60% of sellers quit because managers don't have the skills to coach. If you have 20% attrition, you lose 1 seller/team of 8, which might be worth $350,000- $450,000.


Without training sales leaders on how to coach, enablement initiatives are wasted due to poor reinforcement, and the company typically leaks 7-25% of revenue.

Weak behavior change, low sales results


Sellers do not really listen to trainers or enablement. They only relate to their peers and change their behavior based on the priorities of their first-line manager.


If the messenger of training is the manager who coaches their team (not pretending to “know-it-all”), then people stay, solve problems together and hit sales targets.

No customization = wasted hours, and revenue


Sales training vendors don't take the time to understand your business and customize 0% (or only a little) of their content, so salespeople waste hours in irrelevant and unnecessarily long workshops – instead of closing deals. 


With 100% tailored workshops, salespeople can relate to the content and apply it. If your team closes $100,000/day, you get $50,000 back each training day thanks to hyper-targeted (shorter, yet more on-point) content.

Guidance for sales leaders to coach sellers

on revenue-critical moments

Choose skills off-the-shelf
OR get them 100% tailored

We analyze your sales processes to create your Sales Coaching Guides™ — 100% customized with your real-life examples, tactics, and language.

Our research-backed content is inspired by the highest-performing sellers, leaders and sales influencers of today.

Choose skills off-the-shelf
OR get them 100% tailored

We analyze your sales processes to create your Sales Coaching Guides™ — 100% customized with your real-life examples, tactics, and language.

Get 1:1 async coaching anytime.

Level up your sales coaching.

Listen to our podcast in your time to master coaching techniques, feedback, facilitation, and building trust so your team wants to get coached. 

Solve your problems and gain new perspectives from our expert coaches asynchronously.

Coach your team
with our Sales Coaching Guides™.

Your revenue teams/sellers will learn from expert content, coach each other, practice, build bonds and share their battle-tested tactics.

Then managers reinforce change through 1:1 coaching, group accountability, and AI self-coaching – while teams refresh knowledge 24/7 via custom podcast.

Coach your team
with our Sales Coaching Guides™.

Your revenue teams/sellers will learn from expert content, coach each other, practice, build bonds and share their battle-tested tactics.

Then managers reinforce change through 1:1 coaching, group accountability, and AI self-coaching – while teams refresh knowledge 24/7 via custom podcast.

Track results and certify whole team.
Become Accredited Sales Coach. (ASC)

Your salespeople apply revenue-generating techniques, record reflections on results, and earn accredited certifications on Linkedin. 

We measure quality key behaviors, consistency, and performance improvements.

of learners show lasting behavior change from our programs

compared to Wharton (+51), Harvard Business School (+41) and the training industry average (-8)

Source: Customer Guru

“Over the year, our team was coached on modern sales and me on sales leadership. We learned the latest B2B sales approaches, avoid demotivating feedback and show up stronger as a team. Therefore, we also hit our highest quota ever assigned to us. The best developmental experiences in my career!“

∼ Vlastimil Chramosta, Managing Director at Veritas

“Fostering trust and open culture with Hackerly tremendous coaching sessions, we left with great tips and easy-to-use methods on how to align our team to achieve more. They optimized our team and we started coaching each other on using the unique strengths of every team member throughout the customer journey.”

∼ Petr Šmíd, Head of Marketing CEE at Google


Scale sales globally

In this program, all 35+ salespeople at this scale-up adopted a new sales methodology and learned the latest prospecting tactics.

It changed their GTM strategy and execution.


Closed sales skill gaps

ABB closed their biggest skill gaps (6 strategic influencing skills) by their managers coaching 100+ global account executives with Hackerly. It’s built their coaching culture, strong bonds, and increased results.  


Saved 10h+ per rep

Outbound and inbound teams learned how to better help buyers and enterprise clients. We created a strengths-based coaching culture, saved 10+ hours per rep, and reduced attrition


Coached on authentic sales

The entire sales team and reseller partners got coached on using their hidden talents throughout the B2B buying process. It helped them to develop an authentic style of selling in each AE and stop leaking revenue.

J&T Ventures

Culture ready for growth

We were training over 100 managers and 60 salespeople to equip J&T with next-gen leadership and sales capabilities. The impact was the company culture ready for the next round of growth across Europe.

MSD IT & Fin

People Management Academy

Having 70+ nationalities in New York, Prague, Singapore, and Austin — we designed and delivered a very innovative MSD People Academy for 250+ international managers and HIPOs with a high satisfaction rate. 

PwC Academy

Joint Business Relationship (JBD)

A member of Big 4 asked us to lead a next-gen upskilling program for CEE.

A Joint Business Relationship was formed with the purpose of serving PwC clients and PwC internally.

Fortuna Group

Quadrupled in size in 4 years

We customized, gamified, and executed an International Leadership Program for 200+ top managers in 5 markets. It helped this hyper-growth scales-up to quadruple in size within 4 years. 


Strengths selling methodology

The leading startup sales consultancy let us to coach their negotiation skills, coaching skills and optimize their teams with our Strengths-based Selling methodology


1K global leaders upskilled

Close to 1 000 global leaders acquired critical competencies for AXA’s growth — after Hackerly identified them. This high-rated academy also boosted the sense of belonging and broke organizational silos across countries.


Higher retention and eNPS

With $690M VC funding and many acquisitions, Alliant’s 400 managers from all levels build their leadership skills. The objective was to adopt inclusive behaviors and increase retention via coaching culture and eNPS


Business impact each workshop

We've been developing the leadership skills of 400+ leaders, including the top management. The program exceeded expectations with a 4,82/5 rating, and 76%+ of managers reported on-the-job business impact of every single workshop.


Optimized teams to scale

We coached and trained 50 GTM leaders on a new leadership model and optimized teams based on their unique talents. It also helped them scale from 12 to 80+ members in 4 years and created an unparalleled strengths-based culture.

Philip Morris International

Conversations grew by 98%

Hackerly coached board members and mentored GTM teams on global sales strategy as well as GTM best practices. It increased sales conversions by 98% and boosted market awareness from 5% to 33%.


5 years of leadership upskilling

Hackerly led “High Potentials” programs focused on key leadership capabilities across different markets. The NPS and impact were so high the partnership lasted more than 5 years.

Society for Diversity

4,9/5 rating across firms

The largest EdTech DEI community worldwide partnered with Hackerly to coach 350+ of its members on Inclusive Leadership skills. Learners across companies gave 4,9/5 stars on average. 

Georgia Southern Uni

Trained teams continuously

The renowned GSU continuously trains its faculty in modern leadership with our team-based approach. The end goal was to improve student results and increase admissions.

Sales Coaching Tactics

Lead with your Strengths, Coach Diverse Revenue Teams

Sales Culture & Agile Team System

Neuroscience of Selling & Rapport

Defusing Objections

Coaching Sales Performance

The Neuroscience of Feedback & Conflict

Procrastination, Habits & Sales Agility

Badass Prospecting Emails & Curiosity

Sales Meetings: Discover needs & Demonstrate Value

Trusting 1:1s, Listening & Authentic Leadership

Sell with Your Unique Talents in the Sales Process

Sales Burnout, Resilience & Self-Coaching

Book meetings via Cold-Call

FBI Negotiation & Empathy

Our customization process for your bespoke sales training

Deep discovery of your sales processes

We interview your sales managers and 10%-25% of top + middle performers with deep questions to assess strengths and blindspots.

Deliver program by yourself OR we coach and manage it for you.

We listen to and collect their sales stories, best as well as biases.

Custom content creation, your feedback, and buy-in

We hyper-target your true skill-gaps and opportunities for growth – by mixing only the practices (from 50+ methodologies) right for your unique sales process and context.

We include real-life examples and tactics of your salesforce, your GTM strategies, products, objections, and company language with your logo. NO off-the-shelf Trademarked Solutions™.

Roll-out advisory, tracking ROI, and content updates

Your salespeople will apply revenue-generating techniques, record reflections on their team’s results to earn accredited certifications on LinkedIn.

We track the quality and the quantity of key selling behaviors and measure performance improvements.

Based on the feedback and extra stories of your salesforce during the roll-out, we can update your Sales Coaching Guides for the following year.

Compare your alternatives

Sales Upskilling as a Service
Sales training vendors
Internal Enablement
Paid sales
communities & masterminds
Custom E-learning content
(async. via LMS)
Cost per on-the-job application

Needs analysis & 100% customization

(Managers coach teams + peer accountability)

AI Mentor & 24/7 self-coaching

Problem-solving & peer learning in teams

Real-time analytics & ROI study

Tailored content updates
(your new strategies, stories of sellers)

$300 - $1,000
per learner / custom day
$1,000 - $3,000
per learner / non-custom day
$500 - $1,000
per learner / custom day
$1,000 - $2,500
per learner / non-custom annually
40 - 400
USD/member annually

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