Why Us?

A New Kind Of Consulting Partner With Leading-edge L&D Shop

Focusing on cultural & organisational design, we fuse several fields like design thinking, experimentation, co-creation, systems thinking and organisational psychology.

We have an expert network of more than 400 people across the globe (for when we need deep vertical knowledge or a specific skill set for training)

We make new ways of working easy to adopt. Our research team scours the globe for leading practices and distils them into simple tools and case studies.

We build your internal capacity, not dependency on an external party.

We support a research team that is committed to studying new ways of working within innovative companies across the globe.

A New Kind of Consulting Partner

Blue chip consultants position themselves as an infallible expert and leave you to implement their recommendations. We are your coach and mentor, helping you on day one to experiment with new ways of working.

We create change through practice, not PowerPoint. The capacity for change isn’t found in slides, it’s found through consistent and repetitive behavioural change. We embed in your offices so that we can inspire, guide, and facilitate change on a daily basis through the actual work being done by your teams.

Ultimately, they deliver a document and we deliver change.

We chase fit, not fads.

Our practice borrows from anywhere, including decades of academic research, evidence-based approaches, and yes even bleeding-edge case studies, but we only introduce tools and concepts that are right for your unique culture and context.

There is no standard, one-size-fits-all model that works for all teams.

Culture is the last sustainable advantage

Overnight, your features products and features can be cloned your services disrupted, and your talent lured away. We help you put yourself in the position to succeed.  

Harvard Business School examined firms with a strong culture based on shared values. The impact on business performance was staggering:

     ✓   Revenue grew 4 times faster

     ✓   Rate of job creation was 7 times higher

     ✓   Stock price grew 12 times faster

     ✓   Profit performance was 750% higher

Cultures can be unpredictable

If you can’t predict a culture, then the lengthy discovery process that traditional consultants love makes no sense. You can’t understand how culture works until you try to change it.

If no single person has control over how a culture behaves, then drawing a new org chart has very limited effect causing more harm than good.

If you want safely improve your culture, then you have to start with a series of small prototypes in change (e.g. pick one project to staff differently, change one meeting structure, choose one customer segment to try new service with, etc.) and scale them up as they prove successful.

Team Boost

Our consultants embed with teams to solve priority challenges using new ways of working in a high-intensity sprint.

Hackerly will jumpstart the team’s productivity by clarifying its mission, priorities, and commitments. We coach team-members in adaptive methods for project management, better and more efficient team meetings, and tools and practices for simplifying communication and information sharing.

In as little as four weeks, teams make significant progress on leaders’ high-priority initiatives, while becoming immersed in new ways of working.

     ✓   It’s not just a training program – teams actually get work done while learning new, practical methods

     ✓   It works for any team, from marketing, to supply chain, to R∓D, to finance, to leadership

     ✓   It’s specifically tailored to each organization’s culture, not an off-the-shelf Trademarked Solution™

Kick Off & Discovery

Hackerly embed into your teams. Write a team charter. Host a kick off. Run a diagnostic. Start embedding practices.

Training & Facilitation

We continue to facilitate teams and introduce new practices, accelerating teams towards their missions.

Facilitation & Coaching

In addition to the continued training and facilitation, Hackerly begins coaching ‘coaches’ within each of the teams.

Coaching: Final Sprint

We support the teams as they deliver on their first missions, and continue to support the coaches as we prepare to step back.

Master Coach Training

We then shift our focus to delivering a training model that enables new coaches to spin up and coach new teams.

Program Expanding

We deliver content, training and certification to prepare coaches to begin expanding the program.

Leadership Coaching

Leaders should expect to work through real challenges in 1-on-1 and Leadership Team coaching sessions, specific assignments with reflection and assessment, and workshops with direct reports.

With new mindsets, practices and relationships in place, leaders can expect their teams’ progress to accelerate, and engagement survey results to improve.

Build Learning Machines Through

21st Century Upskilling

Train your leaders in the mindsets, toolsets, and skillsets to unlock their potential and remain competitive in the digital age.

AI Culture Analytics

Leverage our scientists with AI & Machine Learning on the top of MS 365 to identify best practices, develop predictive models, spread change and measure success while forming advanced performance strategies for the entire company, at scale.

Game-Based Simulator

Use our fun yet profound business simulation as a coaching tool for teams and management in order to boost their innovative mindset, leadership capabilities and transform their culture.

Mentoring & Peer Coaching

Activate an AI-Combined Mentoring & Peer Coaching Platform that reinvents how organisations upskill, engage and retain their talent with the power of behavioral science and love, at scale.


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