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We train purpose-driven leaders in the mindsets, toolsets, and skillsets they truly need to change the world.

Hackerly achieved staggering  91% Recommendation Rate on average.

The experience enables to begin to see the world through a different perspective. It switches the player from their natural position of “competitive” to state of “collaborative”. As you play, you can physically feel your restrictive biases melt away.

∼ Porter Stowell, Senior Digital Engagement Manager at IBM

One of the best training I have done in my whole career, interactively organized, well-prepared speakers, led by Eva, examples and explanations, perfect game tool, a huge contribution to my future work.

Martin Gergely, Senior Client Services Manager at AON

Upskill Your Talent For The Digital Age

Hackerly designs disruptive learning experiences that challenge companies and individuals to unlock their potential and remain competitive in an increasingly unpredictable world.

MSD IT & Fin - People Academy

MSD IT includes 70+ nationalities and operates in New York, Prague, Singapore as well as Austin.

Hackerly designed and delivered a very innovative MSD People Academy for 250+ international managers and high potentials across departments and countries with high satisfaction rates.

PwC Agile Academy in CEE region

As a member of BIG 4, PricewaterhouseCoopers asked us to design and deliver a modern Agile Academy for Central and Eastern Europe.

A new joint venture called Hackerly at PwC was formed with the purpose of serving PwC clients as well as PwC internally.

Fortuna Entertainment Group

Having over 5 000 employees, It now operates on the Czech, Slovak, Polish, Romanian and Croatian markets.

Hackerly consultants accepted the challenge of custom content creation, gamification as well as execution (even in local languages) of an International Leadership Program for 200+ top managers and talents located throughout Fortuna Group markets.

L&D Showcases

In order to provide you with a more vivid picture of our global learning & development services, we included some of our game-changing programs designed for the 21st century.

This is how we do things.

Our World Class & Unique Workshops

Adopt New Ways of Working and develop new mindsets.

Hackerly methodology is based on a learner-centred, experience-based approach. We facilitate learning journeys, where discovering, uncovering, applying and reflecting is all part of the process by which participants learn useful skills and knowledge they can apply right away.

Agile Leadership and Team Design

In a game-based program, our team designers will guide you through hands-on tools and modern change methods that you will apply on daily basis to build, align and lead high-performing teams, create agile culture and make a 15% – 30% productivity jump within your company.


Remote Collaboration & Team-building

Apply and Master the best techniques of modern remote collaboration, home office, remote working and team-building for remote teams.

Work from anywhere is the next generation breed of 4-week on-the-job online program that you will simply complete.


Entrepreneurial Creative Mindset

Using our gamified coaching tool, an entrepreneurial board game, we boost capabilities of sharing, collaborative innovation, dealing with ambiguity, resourcefulness, as well as solving complex problems creatively.


Strengths-Based Agile Selling

There’s no one right way to sell. Salespeople get the best results by building on who they already are. Get hands-on advice on how to use your strengths throughout the sales process, increase closing rates, volume as well as team profitability by more than 10%.


Feedback, Conflict, Unpopular News

Get introduced to models for giving corrective continuous feedback that improves performance. Learn how to recognize people for maximum effect and create psychological safety. Transform Conflict and tension into strengths that fuels your team.


Driving Human-Centered Change & Transformation

In a half-day workshop, our Org Designers will guide you through hands-on tools and modern change methods that you will apply on a daily basis to create cultural positive changes within your company.


Creative Problem Solving

Hackerly teaches your team creative ways of working based on an agile creative framework that everyone can master. The ‘productis a method: for generating fresh ideas; changing perspectives; exposing and challenging entrenched assumptions; and spotting new opportunities.


Org Design & Self-organisation

In this program, you will explore the principles and new ways of working of today’s most impactful organisations like Amazon, Spotify, Medium, Zappos, Google, Buffer, GE, Facebook, Apple etc.

You will learn new mindsets and practices in areas of greatest impact: smarter and faster decision making; mobilizing teams around key business priorities; increasing transparency and information sharing; engaging and retaining top talent; and leveraging digital technology.


Innovate like Startups: Lean Startup & Design Thinking


You have probably kind of heart about these Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Experience Design things, right?

You will learn how to apply and master a range of innovation tools to create value and solve problems. From customer to generating creative ideas, challenging your perspectives and prototyping new services, you will leave this workshop ready to implement innovation in any team.


Situational Leadership

Master a simple managerial framework using different kinds of leadership styles based on particular situations like mentoring, coaching, directing, delegating all combined with your unique strengths and natural tendencies.


Team Refresh

In a two-day workshop, you will take our assessment and get in depth analysis and get personalized recommendations to boost your team’s performance. We will teach you a modern toolbox for team alignment, dynamic teaming etc. You will Prototype/Co-create your Team Operating System & get practical, hands-on advice on how to apply your greatest talents and team strengths into your everyday life.


B2B Social Selling - Sell on Social and Brand Yourself

Apply and Master the best strategies of modern B2B sales, branding and business development using LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube etc. and sell more.


Job-Crafting & Career Design

The more you believe you are the main actor in your life – the one who decides which scripts are played on your “stage” – the more necessary it is to pause at the crossroads and consider the next steps.


Persuasion & Negotiation

Straight Line Persuasion System is the world’s framework for making people to do what you want. At the end of this course, you will boost your skills of persuasion & negotiate like a wolf of wall street.

Discover Your Talents, Build Killer Teams

The more you utilize your innate strengths the more fulfilled and happy you can feel.

Come and get to understand your unique talents & who you need to team with to boost your performance significantly!


Killer Meetings

In half-day or full-day workshops for leaders/teams, we will guide you through hands-on tools and simple practices for each day to get rid of useless meetings, move way faster, and be more productive while saving you on average up to 31 hours a month per employee.


Hacking Time & Delegation

Made your decision making process explicit and faster, plan and prioritize your work more efficiently & develop practical techniques and strategies of time management.

Innovation Hackathons

We organize and facilitate innovation days and strategy events for corporations, with audiences of 8 to 120 managers. Take one day to inspire people, channel that inspiration into relevant new business concepts for the company, and learn new innovation tools along the way.

Everyone learns new creativity & innovation tools by working on real strategy challenges of the organisation


Human-Hacking Sales & Influence

Master cutting-edge techniques of selling & growth-hacking that truly sell in this year. Learn how honesty, authenticity & inspiring people will help you reach any goal.


Storytelling, Presentations & Public Speaking

We’ll walk through the whole process of preparing, delivering a presentation & different techniques how to use a story structure to give your presentation a logical flow.

And finally, we will look at some ways how to spice your stories for maximum attention-grabbing effect, such as using metaphors, twists and other tools.


Mindfulness & Stress Management

You have already heard about the immense effects of mindfulness on your body, right? Come & practice the techniques of stress management & meditation focused on business with a monk spreading these principles across Europe.  

Our Unique Game-Based Business Simulator

We use our fun yet profound business simulation as a coaching tool for teams and management in order to boost their innovative mindset, leadership capabilities and transform their culture.

60 000 Participants / 30 Countries / 10 years of development

Using our gamified coaching tool, an entrepreneurial board game, we boost capabilities of sharing, collaborative innovation, dealing with ambiguity, resourcefulness, as well as solving complex problems creatively.

     ✓ Learning Agility
     ✓ Collaborative Innovation
     ✓ Agile Leadership
     ✓ Creativity
     ✓ Team Dynamics
     ✓ Transparent Sharing
     ✓ Entrepreneurial Mindset

Hackerly Disruptive Learning Experiences

You will learn by doing and real-time coaching in your workplace to unlock progress with a fast-paced online environment with dialogue, discussion and feedback.

All being tailored to your own schedule and challenges.

Bite-sized Workshops & Game Simulations

  ✓ Immersive playful sessions peppered with stories, rich visuals, real-world examples and case studies designed for 21- century learning

  ✓ Be inspired by our hand-picked experts armed with real experience, latest thinking and business ideas.

Real Projects & Practical Challenges

  ✓ Solve hands-on tasks designed to integrate with your work to build competence

  ✓ Get your work done through real challenges and implementation of our tools and mental models

Gamified Micro-learning Mobile Platform

  ✓ Tailor your own learning chunks with peer-to-peer sharing, feedback and playful quizzes

  ✓ Each micro-module consists of curated guides, videos and resources to support your journey

Peer-to-Peer Sharing, Feedback and Retrospectives

  ✓ Continuous feedback, peer-to-peer discussions, video sharing through our mobile app

  ✓ Completion of written personal and team retrospectives on activities at hand

Personalized Support

  ✓ Access to regular 1:1 coaching, personalized advice or Internal Coaching Circles

  ✓ Our friendly, knowledgeable facilitators continuously support you

Measure & Recommend

  ✓ We measure the impact of learning regularly focusing on behavioural change, mindset, surveys and engagement analytics of our platform

  ✓ Content of our programs is revised and updated every 6 months

Reward And Certify New Skills With Digital Credentials

  ✓ Issue portable and secure credentials that empower earners, make outcomes and skills more transparent, based on real competence

  ✓ We retain and engage learners 31% more by our skill recognition

Mentoring & Peer Coaching With HACKEE.IO

AI-Combined MENTORING & PEER COACHING PLATFORM that reinvents how organisations upskill, engage and retain their talent with the power of behavioral science and love, at scale.  


Our Apps help you make great mentoring matches and enhance your programs with best practices, guidance, measurement and built-in accountability to create leaders at every level.


Peer coaching is emerging as perhaps the most effective way of learning. Our powerful tools make it easy to launch, measure and improve programs of all sizes, globally.  

Peer-Group Coaching

We launch your peer-group coaching programs and provide over 85 pre-built micro-coaching modules to create your culture of learning and collaboration.


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