AI Culture Analytics

Managing your organisation’s time as closely as financials frees up 20% of it.

Partnering with Microsoft, our scientists leverage AI & Machine Learning on the top of MS 365 to identify best practices, develop predictive models, spread change and measure success while forming advanced performance strategies for the entire company, at scale.

Access Unprecedented Insights & Cultivate Behaviors Driving Measurable Outcomes

✓   Address wasteful collaboration & Silos

✓   Run more effective meetings

✓   Enhance personal & team productivity

✓   Drive sales excellence

✓   Improve work-life balance

✓   Up-level manager practices

✓   Orchestrate acquisitions via networks

✓   Drive transformations & engagement

✓   Scale behaviors of top performers

The Stakes Are High

✓     One bad meeting can cost you 30M USD per year

✓     Give each employee up to 23 days back per year that

        were formerly dedicated to meetings.

✓     Increase retention by up to 50% through 1:1 meetings.

HackCult Accelerator

Our Unique 200-days Program

Analysis & Cultural Design

Hackerly combines thousands of employee data inputs & proprietary AI algorithms to focus teams on the actions that matter most.

Tailored Curriculum for Key Leaders & Influencers

We design a personalized leadership development delivered by immersive workshops, remote video sessions, targeted coaching & continuous micro-learning.

On-Demand Coaches via MS Teams

We can provide just-in-time hyper-personalized support to adopt new workplace habits. Behavioral change is hard.

Nudges Create Lasting Change

We use nudges—small, personal steps—your entire company takes the right actions at the right times. We activate every person in a way that’s customized, contextualized, and complementary.

Chatbots Coach People to Adopt Practices

We can build bots for you that deliver personal, achievable suggestions that make every employee a change agent, long after we are gone.

Train-The-Trainer & Final Reports

We build your capacity by training & certifying your internal change agents. They continue hacking your org performance while we are ready to step back.   

Build Learning Machines Through

21st Century Upskilling

Train your leaders in the mindsets, toolsets, and skillsets to unlock their potential and remain competitive in the digital age.

Culture & Team Change Consulting

We work in sprints to define, test and iterate organisational transformation to make an immediate impact that can become an internal movement for cultural or team change.

Game-Based Simulator

Use our fun yet profound business simulation as a coaching tool for teams and management in order to boost their innovative mindset, leadership capabilities and transform their culture.

Mentoring & Peer Coaching

Activate an AI-Combined Mentoring & Peer Coaching Platform that reinvents how organisations upskill, engage and retain their talent with the power of behavioral science and love, at scale.


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