Uncover & Spread Better Ways of Working

We are a global change agency, training organisations in new behaviors & transforming their culture into purpose-driven open learning networks, able to adapt.

Build Learning Machines Through

21st Century Upskilling

Train your leaders in the mindsets, toolsets, and skillsets to unlock their potential and remain competitive in the digital age.

AI Culture Analytics

Leverage our scientists with AI & Machine Learning on the top of MS 365 to identify best practices, develop predictive models, spread change and measure success while forming advanced performance strategies for the entire company, at scale.

Culture & Team Change Consulting

We work in sprints to define, test and iterate organisational transformation to make an immediate impact that can become an internal movement for cultural or team change.

Game-Based Simulator

Use our fun yet profound business simulation as a coaching tool for teams and management in order to boost their innovative mindset, leadership capabilities and transform their culture.

Mentoring & Peer Coaching

Activate an AI-Combined Mentoring & Peer Coaching Platform that reinvents how organisations upskill, engage and retain their talent with the power of behavioral science and love, at scale.


With A Little Help, Our Clients Have Done Remarkable

An increase in sales conversion by 98% via a traditional channel in MVP stage

Increase in psychological safety, role-clarity, regular and honest feedback and inclusion 

Designed a new disruptive business model within the rigid industry

Grew a startup with over 100% annual growth, 3 years in row

Boosted marketing awareness from 5% to 33% on average

 With 2000+ participants kept 91% Workshop Recommendation Rate on average.

Improved transparency, sharing and visibility

Coached major leaders to adopt design thinking, agile and lean startup.

“Eliminated internal emails by 40%  and improved project task management including accountability“

Defined purpose, missions, strategies, better communication habits etc. at the team and department levels.

Consulted through a successful innovation & global sales strategy.

Sparked a company-wide adoption of change people wanted to try on their own, by design.

 Implemented more effective meeting structures

Led 10 autonomous units through the entire customer experience design.

Coached 6 HR units on agile principles, new ways of working and self-organization methods.

Identified a new revenue stream of 3M+ USD a year before scaling

We do this by teaching practical and actionable practices, structures, and rhythms and introducing tools that categorically alter a culture’s operating system.

Instead of disrupting work and potentially threatening the business with dramatic changes, we test and learn from ways of working pilots across your teams. Pilots that improve work spread across the organization and pilots that don’t are quickly ended.

Nicely Said

Do not just take our word for it.

“Over the year, Hackerly guided us through several fun business simulations and coached our team on sales and leadership.

We learned new approaches to B2B sales through Social Selling, Personal branding, Agile Sales & got concrete strategies on how to combine our personal strengths. One of the best developmental experiences in my career!“

∼ Vlastimil Chramosta, Country manager CZ, SK& Baltics at Veritas

“They optimized our team based on the unique strengths of each individual to boost performance.

They demonstrated how teamwork and seeing the big picture influences speed of progress as well as overall productivity. Most importantly, fostering trust and open culture, we left with great tips and easy-to-use methods on how to align our team to achieve more.”

∼ Petr Šmíd, Head of Consumer Marketing CEE at Google

“My team left with new effective ways of doing and thinking about collaboration, sales and innovation. We plan to consult this process with Hackerly.

Real-business world situations sparked meaningful conversation about applicable solutions of how to differentiate from our competition and adapt.”

∼ Radka Novak, Partner at Cushman & Wakefield

International Leadership Academies

MSD IT & Fin - People Academy

MSD IT includes 70+ nationalities and operates in New York, Prague, Singapore as well as Austin.

Hackerly designed and delivered a very innovative MSD People Academy for 250+ international managers and high potentials across departments and countries with high satisfaction rates.

PwC Agile Academy in CEE region

As a member of BIG 4, PricewaterhouseCoopers asked us to design and deliver a modern Agile Academy for Central and Eastern Europe.

A new joint venture called Hackerly at PwC was formed with the purpose of serving PwC clients as well as PwC internally.

Fortuna Entertainment Group

Having over 5 000 employees, It now operates on the Czech, Slovak, Polish, Romanian and Croatian markets.

Hackerly consultants accepted the challenge of custom content creation, gamification as well as execution (even in local languages) of an International Leadership Program for 200+ top managers and talents located throughout Fortuna Group markets.

A New Kind Of Consulting Partner With Cutting-Edge L&D Shop

Focusing on cultural & organisational design, we fuse several fields like design thinking, experimentation, co-creation, systems thinking and organisational psychology.

✓ We have an expert network of more than 400 people across the globe (for when we need deep vertical knowledge or a specific skill set for training).

✓ We make new ways of working easy to adopt. Our research team scours the globe for leading practices and distils them into simple tools and case studies.

✓ We build your internal capacity, not dependency on an external party.

✓ We support a research team that is committed to studying new ways of working within innovative companies across the globe.

Hackerly helps leaders explore new mindsets and practices in areas of greatest impact: smarter and faster decision making; mobilizing teams around key business priorities; increasing transparency and information sharing; engaging and retaining top talent; and leveraging digital technology.


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Team Boost

Leadership Coaching

AI Culture Analytics



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